How to choose industrial scanning module for a production line?

How to choose industrial scanning module for a production line?

For industrial production lines, the amount of barcode inspection and scanning of products every day is very large. In the traditional inspection and scanning of barcode links, the commonly used method is to use a scanning gun. By manually holding a barcode scanner to scan each product, scanning one barcode at a time, if there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of products every day, if you need to manually scan and check them one by one, it will easily cause worker fatigue and mistake. The possibility of missing, misreading and repeated detection greatly reduces the detection efficiency and production efficiency. On the other hand, in various high-speed automatic production lines, such as beverage production, dairy product production, cigarette production, etc., due to the small product spacing, high density, and fast flow speed, it is necessary for the scanning module to have very efficient reading performance. It is for these reasons that industrial scanning modules are widely used.

beverage production line scan module


What is an industrial scanning module

An industrial scanner module is a type of industrial-grade equipment used for quickly scanning the barcodes or QR codes of items. It is widely used in various industrial production lines, improving production efficiency and logistics management.

The main functional features of an industrial scanner module are high scanning speed, wide scanning range, and high scanning accuracy. High scanning speed greatly improves production efficiency, the wide scanning range meets the scanning needs of different items, and high scanning accuracy ensures the accuracy of the scanning results.

In addition, industrial scanner modules also have good adaptability and reliability. They can adapt to various industrial environments, such as high temperature, high humidity, and harsh light conditions. At the same time, their reliability has been rigorously tested and verified, meeting the long-term stable operation needs of industrial production lines.

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How to choose a scanning module for a production line

General fixed mount scanner module are more commonly used in industrial production lines. The factors to be considered when selecting a barcode scanner for the production line are summarized.

About the production line:

1. The type of barcode (such as CODE128, EAN13, DPM, etc.), density (3mil, 4mil/3*3mm), number of digits, and the way of making barcodes (printed by barcode printers, laser inkjet codes, radium engraved codes, dots array code).
2. Paste position, direction, angle and size of the barcode. Parallel or perpendicular to the scan ray.
3. Whether the assembly line is static scanning or dynamic scanning, what is the speed of dynamic scanning.
4. Scanning distance, scanning angle, scanning light and other requirements.
5. Vibration of the conveyor belt.
6. Whether there are sensors and alarm devices here?
7. What interface is needed? RS232、RS485、USB、TTL、etc?

About fixed scanner module:

1. What interface is needed? RS232、RS485、USB、TTL、etc?
2. Scanning performance: including scanning accuracy, speed and decoding ability.
3. Environmental adaptability: including temperature, humidity, dustproof, waterproof and other factors.
4. Working environment: including scanning distance, scanning angle and light conditions, etc.
5. Size and Weight: Determine the size and weight of the scanner to ensure ease of installation and operation.

When selecting a barcode scanner for a production line, the above factors should be considered to ensure that the scanner has good performance and adaptability, and meets the working environment and other requirements.

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