barcode scanner vs mobile phone

What is the difference between using a QR code scanner and using mobile QR code scanning software?

Scanning guns and mobile phones both have the ability to scan and decode barcodes and QR codes, but there are several key differences between the two.


1、 Differences in design


Scanning guns are specifically designed for the purpose of scanning and analyzing barcodes and QR codes, while the QR code scanning function on mobile phones is just one of many functions. This means that scanning guns are more specialized and may be more efficient and accurate in this task.


2、 The difference in decoding


Scanning guns generally use hardware decoding, which can be completed at the millisecond level with the help of a special decoding chip.


When the mobile phone scans the QR code, first the camera takes a picture, then the built-in decoding software decodes the photos taken, and then outputs them. This process will take much longer than the scanning gun.


3、 Different application scenarios


Scanning guns are generally used for commercial/industrial purposes, such as supermarkets, factories, warehouses, logistics, etc. There are certain requirements for scanning speed and accuracy. The QR code scanning guns basically have a focus or aiming frame to enable you to accurately locate the QR code.


Mobile phones are inferior to scanning guns in scanning speed and two-dimensional code positioning. It is better to use them occasionally. A long continuous scanning will waste a lot of time.


4、 Different communication protocols


The scanning guns basically support USB port, RS232 serial port and network port communication. Generally, all application software using the scanning guns use these communication protocols, and the decoding results are directly output to the application software. Such as supermarket cash register, manufacturer traceability system, logistics warehousing system, warehousing system, etc.


The results of mobile phone scanning can only be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone, or can only communicate with the APP on your mobile phone. If you want to communicate with a PC or other devices, the workload in this process is too large for people to use.


5、 The difference in price


A scanning gun costs several dozen dollars, while a phone costs several hundred dollars. It is obvious that the scanning gun has a higher cost-performance ratio. Using a phone to scan codes is a waste of resources and is not cost-effective.

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