What is the Han Xin Code?

What is the Han Xin Code?

Han Xin Code is a brand new 2D matrix code, which is developed by China Item Coding Center led by the organization of relevant units in cooperation, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. Compared with other 2D barcodes in the international arena, it is more suitable for the representation of Chinese character information and can accommodate more information.

han xin code

Its main technical features are

1. High Chinese character representation capability and Chinese character compression efficiency

The Han Xin code supports 1.6 million Chinese characters information characters specified in GB18030, and adopts a compression ratio of 12 bits, each symbol can represent 12~2174 Chinese characters characters.

2. Large information capacity

With the support of printing accuracy, it can represent up to 7829 numeric characters, 2174 Chinese characters and 4350 English letters per square inch.

3. Wide range of encoding

Han Xin code can encode photos, fingerprints, palm prints, signatures, voice, text and other information that can be digitized.

4. Support encryption technology

Han Xin Code is the first barcode with encryption interface reserved in the code system, and it can be integrated with various encryption algorithms and cryptographic protocols, so it has extremely strong secrecy and anti-counterfeiting performance.

5. Strong anti-defacement and distortion ability

Han Xin code has strong anti-defacement and distortion ability, and can be attached to common flat or barrel items, and can be read in the absence of two positioning markers.

6. Strong error correction ability

Han Xin code adopts the world's advanced mathematical error correction theory and Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm, which is often used in space information transmission, so that the error correction ability of Han Xin code can reach 30%.

7. User-selectable error correction capability

The code provides four error correction levels, allowing users to choose from 8%, 15%, 23% and 30% error correction levels according to their needs, thus providing a high degree of adaptability.

8. Easy to produce and low cost

Using existing printing technologies such as dot matrix, laser, ink jet, thermal/thermal transfer, card making machines, etc., HSCS can be printed on paper, card, PVC, and even metal surfaces. The increased cost is only the cost of ink, which can truly be called a "zero cost" technology.

9. Variable shape of barcode symbols

Han Xin Code supports 84 versions, which can be selected by the user, and the smallest code is only the size of a fingernail.

10. Beautiful appearance

Han Xin Code is designed with human visual receptivity in mind, so compared with the existing international 2D barcode technology, Han Xin Code has outstanding features in visual sensory.

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