Wodemax Barcode Scanner Module Used In Self-service Locker

Wodemax Barcode Scanner Module Used In Self-service Locker

Background of the popularity of self-service locker

With the rapid development of the tourism industry, a large number of tourists have stimulated the development of luggage storage services. When traveling, tourists usually prefer to store their large luggage rather than carrying it with them at all times. However, traditional storage services typically store luggage at the front desk, sometimes without staff supervision, which can easily lead to mix-ups or loss, or the storage location may not be found at all. Therefore, intelligent self-service lockers have gained favor with tourists. Placing a large number of intelligent self-service lockers in places where tourists are most concentrated, such as hotels, airports, scenic spots, shopping malls, and restaurants, can solve the problem of difficult luggage storage.

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The working principle of the self-service locker

When a barcode user needs to store an item, they can press the "store" button in front of the storage locker. At this point, the single-chip microcomputer receives a pulse signal and sends a corresponding signal through the system input/output port to control the electromagnetic valve that unlocks the empty locker. The customer can then place the item in the locker and close the door. When the customer needs to retrieve the item, they simply need to place the barcode in the barcode reader behind the locker door. The barcode scanner will collect the information and output corresponding high and low signals, which will be sent to the single-chip microcomputer. Once the system password is verified, a signal will be sent to open the locker door for the customer to retrieve their item.

The barcode storage locker system has a high degree of automation. It is based on a single-chip microcomputer and automatically controls door opening and infrared detection through barcode technology. After closing the door, the barcode printer automatically prints and cuts the barcode paper, and displays the box number in real-time when there is no object inside. The barcode paper is encrypted to form a unique password, which avoids the possibility of password theft. Once the barcode paper is used, it becomes invalid, doubling the security. It also has functions such as power-off protection, infrared detection of whether there are objects inside the box, and alarms, which have a positive impact on real-life scenarios.

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Barcode scanner module is the core component of intelligent self-service locker

Intelligent self-service locker are becoming increasingly popular as a type of smart device, and an efficient 2D barcode scanner is an essential component. To meet the growing demands of users, embedded scanner devices must meet various requirements such as exquisite design, high integration, easy installation, flexible applications, and industrial-grade dust and waterproofing. To achieve this, embedded, small-sized handheld 2D barcode scanner modules can not only provide strong 1D, PDF, and 2D barcode scanning performance for intelligent storage cabinets, improving the user experience, but also improve the efficiency of operations management and service processes, and reduce errors caused by mistakes. Additionally, this module is highly adaptable and can be integrated into different types of storage cabinets, even under dim lighting conditions, to provide stable, automatic, and fast reading functions. Therefore, an efficient integrated 2D barcode scanner has become a crucial technology that cannot be overlooked in intelligent storage cabinets.


Wodemax's barcode scanner module used in self-service locker

WD-888 is a high-performance embedded 2D scanning module that utilizes the latest intelligent image recognition technology. The advanced image recognition algorithm is combined with state-of-the-art chip design and manufacturing technology to recognize various mainstream 1D barcodes and standard 2D barcodes (PDF417, QR Code Model 1/2, Micro QR, and various versions of Data Matrix). With excellent reading performance, it can effortlessly read barcodes on various media, including paper, merchandise, and screens. Its compact integrated design allows for easy integration into various OEM products. It is widely used in various types of lockers, e-commerce pick-up lockers, vending machines, and more.

Wodemax specializes in researching, developing, and manufacturing barcode-related technologies and hardware. We offer high-quality and affordable 2D barcode scanner modules for different enterprises and provide barcode technology services, 2D barcode payment, and excellent 2D barcode recognition solutions to our partners, giving our customers a competitive advantage. We provide sample tests for all kinds of barcode scan engines and offer OEM application solutions for barcode scanner modules to meet your development and deployment needs. Contact us for a consultation if you have any requirements.

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