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Embedded 2D Bar code Imaging Module WD-M11

Embedded 2D Bar code Imaging Module WD-M11


1. The WD-M11 is an embedded 2D bar code imaging module with small volume, high integration, flexibility and excellent performance.
2. The WD-M11 can be integrated into bus, ticket vending machine, self-service ordering machine, access control gate and other application equipment. It is widely used in intelligent transportation, self-service retail, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent building and other fields.
3. The WD-M11 adopts a highly compatible transmission interface, which can adapt to more scanning equipment, and the data transmission is more safe and reliable.
4. The WD-M11 adopts advanced image recognition algorithm and wide-angle optical lens, which can easily scan all types of 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes at high speed, and freely cope with all kinds of scanning applications.
5. The WD-M11 has strong reading ability and can provide excellent code scanning and reading performance in various lighting environments (including completely dark environment) and large temperature and humidity range. It can also adapt to various harsh and complex working environments, such as impact, vibration and strong exposure.


Product parameters:


Scaning Code




640 (Horizontal) X 480 (Vertical) CMOS


Light Source


White fill light/Color light prompt


Horizontal View Angle








QR Code,PDF417,DataMatrix(ECC200)




EAN13,EAN8,UPC-A,UPC-E0,UPC-E1,Code128,Code39,Code93,CodaBar ,Interleaved 2 of 5,Industrial 25,Matrix 2 of 5,Code11, MSI Plessey ,RSS-14, RSS-Limited, RSS-Expanded


Depth of Field


2 ~ 11.0cm (13mil)




2.5 ~ 13.0cm (15mil)



Mobile phone QR code for taking bus

3.0 ~ 13.0cm   (5-inch screen mobile phone)



Wechat payment code

1.0 ~ 20cm   (5-inch screen mobile phone)


Scan Angle


Roll:360°, Pitch:±60°, Skew:±60°









≥ 10mil


Symbol Contrast



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